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Momentum capital was founded to invest in a stable asset class that provides true affordable housing.

We believe that mobile home parks are the only real affordable housing left, and with the high in ever-growing demand, we have taken it as our job and duty to be able to create, improve and provide a safe and affordable community for all of those in need.

At momentum capital, we are committed to integrity and creating a win-win situation for all involved with our sellers, tenants/community, investors and ourselves.



George Wohar

Founder, Managing Principal

George Wohar is a founder and managing principle of momentum capital. George overseas all operations included, but not limited to acquisitions, investors relations, management, George has 5+ experience in the Mobile-home park space and other real estate classes.


Whether you have a desire to sell now or in the future, we are looking to buy more communities at this time.

Contact us today and we can find out if it's a fit.

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